This serves as a resource site for anyone who grew up between various cultures, for travellers, serial “expats”, for people who perhaps find themselves on the margins of their culture, for “third culture people”, educators, counsellors, parents, aid workers, missionaries and diplomats.

I have found much that is useful over the last twenty years — and thought I would just “put it out there” and googled it for you, because I am quite nice like that.

I am not trying to sell you anything whatsoever.  Just pass it on to friends and organisations that you think will find it helpful. I am always surprised at how many ‘well informed people’ are actually not well informed at all when it comes to transitioning and knowing what is out there. These resources could be invaluable. Or they could be useless. Here they are and you decide!

If you would like to add anything at all, or your own site please drop me a line and I will be very happy to add it. You can contact me at:


What qualifies to run this or put together links on living globally?  Well, I am a German/Pakistani who grew up overseas and attended an international boarding school. My parents were faith based humanitarian medical workers for 35 years in unheard of places on the Karakoram highway. I have lived, worked and studied in 8 countries on four continents and visited every continent bar Antarctica. I met my Aussie husband in Afghanistan and we live in London with our two Aussie – German, British-born daughters.

For whatever reason you stumbled across these pages, I hope you will find them useful.