Support for Aid Workers, Journalists and Activists

 Support for humanitarian workers and missionaries

Humanitarian workers

People In Aid. Includes the Code of Good Practice; publications; and information about workshops.

Aid Workers Network. Forum for aid workers to ask and answer questions of each other and to exchange resources, information and support.

Cochrane Evidence Aid Project. Reviews research evidence on aid-related matters such as resources for earthquakes, flooding, sanitation and PTSD

Comhlamh. For aid workers who have returned to Ireland, includes information about a free ‘coming home weekend’, careers tuition, referral to counsellors, and other support.

Help after disasters and trauma

Trauma Central. Containing numerous excellent papers on many issues related to trauma.

Hostage UK. Help in cases involving kidnapping.

David Baldwin’s Trauma Information Pages. Useful trauma information, including principles for working with traumatised children. Handouts available in English and Spanish.

The Trauma Clinic. Links to other trauma sites.

Crisis management training powerpoints. Downloadable powerpoints on crisis management, with reviews.

The Peace Corps, including a crisis management handbook and workbook, and a rape response workbook.

Cruse. For bereavement care and information.

Learn about humanitarian aid projects. Information page about humanitarian aid work.

Websites which provide useful information in languages other than English

Mental Health in Multicultural Australia. Multicultural mental health website. Includes factsheets on depression, anxiety disorders and other difficulties in over 20 languages. Many of the sheets are available in audio as well as print format, for those who prefer to listen rather than read the information. Has links to other multicultural resources.

Headington Institute. Includes free online training modules covering a range of subjects including trauma and travel stress. Some are available in Arabic, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Russian.

Glasgow Steps. Information about depression, stress and related problems, as well as interviews with leaders from different faith communities about issues related to mental health. Includes some information in Polish and Slovak. Urdu translations are also planned.

International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies. Search for ‘Managing stress in the field’, in Spanish or French.

David Baldwin’s Trauma Information Pages. Trauma information, including principles for working with traumatised children. Handouts in Spanish.

Arabic Member Care Projects. Book chapters on debriefing and other topics, available in Arabic. Primarily for those involved with Christian work overseas.

Community Stress Prevention Center. Israeli organisation founded by influential psychotrauma specialist Professor Mooli Lahad. Many useful materials in Hebrew.

Familiegladje. Resources in Swedish and English for helping third culture kids, based on ideas from family therapy and the author’s experience.

Mobile Member Care Team has French handouts on debriefing, trauma, helping children, and teams.

Famille je t’aime. French resources for helping families.

Barnabas International. Information about debriefing, free retreats, seminars for children, and encouragement letters for missionaries, available in Spanish, Hindi, Russian and Ukrainian.

American Association of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Facts for Families: advice for families on children and teenagers’ mental health problems. Also available in Spanish and Chinese.

These links were taken from Mindfulnext – Aid for the Aid Worker ” …website of Alessandra Pigni, licensed psychologist, staff care consultant, researcher and once upon aid worker.Advocating for better staff care in the aid sector before it was cool.”

Interhealth an international health charity preparing, sustaining and supporting the health and wellbeing of individuals working around the world. Based in London

The Garrison Institute offers training in resilience skills based in yoga, meditation, and psychosocial education. Please contact for more information, or visit their website

The Headington Institute strengthens humanitarian organizations by promoting the wellbeing of their staff, making us a partner in worldwide humanitarian work.

CHS Alliance promotes good practice in the management and support of aid personnel

The Antares Foundation aims to improve the quality of management and staff support and care in humanitarian and developmental organizations. Based in the Netherlands.

Centre for Humanitarian Psychology in Geneva – dedicated to improving the professionalism of humanitarian staff in their mental and psychosocial health interventions through better information, training and support

For journalists covering conflicts

The Dart Centre educates journalists and journalism students about the science and psychology of trauma and the implications for news coverage. They have excellent resources on their website

BBC  Peer-Support Network to give advanced training to journalists who have suffered psychological damage.

Experienced journalists talk about their experiences, and there’s information about the support available.

For political activists

If you are active in Israel/Palestine you can contact PsychoActive, a network of mental health practitioners who provide psychological support to activists. Contact me for further details.

Kvinna till Kvinna’s Manual to support activists – in particular women – around the world

Front Line Defenders works to provide fast and effective action to help protect human rights defenders at risk so they can continue their work as key agents of social change. They provide resources in several languages including Arabic, Farsi, French, Spanish and Russian.

Activist Trauma Support provides mental health resources for activists

Capacitar International Teaches simple wellness practices that lead to healing



Resources for Aid Workers

5 mobile apps for humanitarian aid worker

Global Aid Worker:

Connecting humanitarian, relief and development workers around the world. Global aid worker offers humanitarian, relief and development workers a supportive, global community of peers and resources to help ease transitions into new locations, better equip aid workers for field realities, promote exchange on critical issues faced in the aid-working world, and provide a space for aid workers to bond through their unique but similar experiences around the globe.”

Global Professional Development Website:

global development professionals network is a space for NGOs, aid workers and development professionals to share knowledge and expertise

The Guardian’s “Secret Aid Worker”

exposing the myths and realities around aid work.

Development blogs:

Owen Abroad has a comprehensive list on his site.

A motley group of international aid bloggers, practitioners, and critics. Interested in impact, poverty, evidence, and throwing things off planes.

Blood and MilkAlannah Shaikh, blogger extraordinaire

Brett Keller

Can? We? Save? Africa?

Center for Global Development – List of must read blogs…

Chris Blattman 

Aid Thoughts

Africa is a Country 

Marc Bellemare 

Congo Siasa

Council for Foreign Relations Development Channel

Haba na Haba

How Matters


The Interpreter

Scarlett Lion 

Securing Rights

Staying for Tea

Texas in Africa 

This is Africa


Why Dev 

wronging rights 

Find What Works

Global Dashboard

Opalo’s blog

Open the Echo Chamber

Shotgun Shack

David Roodman

Roving Bandit

Development Impact

Development Policy Blog

Engaging Internationally

KM on a Dollar A Day 

From Poverty to Power


Development podcasts

The Center for Global Development Prosperity Wonkcast

Think Before You Give

BBC Africa Today

Peterson Perspectives

PRI: Global Health and Development

The World Bank Podcasts

Philanthropy This Week

PRI: The Changing World

Development Drums

Stuff Expat Aid Workers Like:

“The Stuff Expat Aid Workers Like blog is like having a beer with a jaundiced aid worker after a crap day. It’s all cynicism and self-loathing (and some ferocious cartoons), with the commitment (one hopes) taken for granted….” Duncan Green, Oxfam UK, From Poverty to Power Blog


International Counselling Services

International Therapist Directory

“The International Therapist Directory is an online listing of professional mental health therapists familiar with the Third Culture Kid and international expatriate experiences.

With over 200 members, in more than 40 different countries, this resource lists therapists, counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists interested in providing culturally sensitive cross-cultural treatment and care for today’s international expat community.

Expats looking for a local English-speaking therapist, a marriage/relationship counselor sensitive to cross-cultural dynamics, or a psychotherapist attuned to the nuances of a TCK upbringing will find in this site the most comprehensive directory of its kind.”

Here is an interview with the founder of the site, Josh Sandoz, a Seattle-based therapist.

Expat Counselling and Coaching Online

“Expat Counseling and Coaching is a one-of-its-kind concept bringing counseling, psychotherapy and coaching to the English speaking international community worldwide. We are committed to helping our clients find solutions to the unique challenges faced by global citizens. We offer completely confidential individual counseling and psychotherapy, marriage counseling, and a variety of coaching packages.We use Skype video conferencing which enables us to reach across borders to our clients.”

International Counselling Services

“Established in 1979, ICS is a multidisciplinary professional association, composed of mental health practitioners, including clinical and counseling psychologists, social workers and psychotherapists, offering services to the international and English-speaking community in Paris. Members of ICS are specialists in expatriate issues and in global living challenges. Referrals for counseling are provided to individuals, including children, adolescents and adults, as well as to couples, families and groups. Our goal is to facilitate access for English speakers to appropriate and high quality mental health and counseling services in the Paris region.”


Culture Shock, Intercultural Communication and Business

Cross-Cultural Dialogues : 74 Brief Encounters With Cultural Difference by Craig Storti

Experiential Activities For Intercultural Learning by H. Ned Seelye

Figuring Foreigners Out; A Practical Guide by Craig Sorti

Intercultural Sourcebook: Cross-Cultural Training Methods Vo. 1 by Sandra M. Fowler, Monica G. Mumford

Developing Intercultural Awareness : A Cross-Cultural Training Handbook by L. Robert Kohls, John M. Knight

Basic Concepts of Intercultural Communication : Selected Readings by Milton Bennett

Barnga : A Simulation Game on Cultural Clashes by Sivasailam Thiagarajan

Intercultural Communication by Everett M. Rogers, Thomas M. Steinfatt

Transcultural Odysseys : The Evolving Global Consciousness by Germaine W. Shames

Communicating Across Cultures by Stella Ting-Toomey

The Japanese Overseas by Merry White

Europe for Women in Business by Tracey Wilen, Patricia Wilen PhD

Making the Big Move : How to Transform Relocation into a Creative Life Transition
by Cathy Goodwin

Doing Business with Japanese Men: A Woman’s Handbook by Christalyn Brannen (Contributor), Tracey Wilen

Gestures : The Do’s and Taboos of Body Language Around the World
by Roger E. Axtell, Mike Fornwald (Illustrator)  John Wiley & Sons

Global Business Challenges : Am I Ready? by Maija Gazur

The Global Etiquette Guide to Asia : Everything You Need to Know for Business and Travel Success (Global Etiquette Guides) by Dean Allen Foster , John Wiley & Sons

Asia for Women on Business : Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and South Korea
by Tracey Wilen, Patricia Wilen

Do’s and Taboos Around the World for Women in Business by Roger E. Axtell (Editor), Tami Briggs, Margaret Corcoran

Do’s and Taboos of Hosting International Visitors by Roger E. Axtell

Do’s and Taboos of Humor Around the World : Stories and Tips from Business and Life by Roger E. Axtell

The Do’s and Taboos of International Trade : A Small Business Primer by Roger E. Axtell

Do’s and Taboos Around the World by Roger E. Axtell

International Business Etiquette, Latin America : What You Need to Know to Conduct Business Abroad With Charm and Savvy by Ann Marie Sabath

The Global Etiquette Guide to Europe : Everything You Need to Know for Business and Travel Success (Global Etiquette Guides) by Dean Allen Foster

Living Language in the Know Series : An Indispensable Cross-Cultural Guide to Working and Living Abroad (Ll(Tm) in the Know) China, Germany, Mexico. Central America by Jennifer Phillips

Psychology of Culture Shock by Colleen A. Ward, Stephen Bochner, Adrian Furnham

The Five Stages of Culture Shock by Paul Pedersen

Books on Relocation and Cultural Adjustment

Up, Up and Away! by Brenda Maxwell

This is a guide for children and their parents moving from one culture to another and it’s a great workbook for young children trying to understanding their moves.

Let’s Move Together by Carol M. Schubeck

A professional counselor. Written for children ages 4-11 Tom Turtle walks children through the feelings, thoughts, and action involved with moving to a new home.

By Beverly D. Roman – All available at

Home Away From Home; Turning Your International Relocation Into a Lifetime Enhancement

Let’s Make A Move; A Creative Visulation Book For Children

Let’s Move Overseas; International Edition of Let’s Make a Move

Footsteps Around the World; Relocations Tips for Teens

Relocation 101: Making the Most of Your Move

The Third Culture Kid Experience: Growing Up Among Worlds  by David C. Pollock and Ruth E. Van Reken

Raising Multi-Lingual Children, By Tracey Tokuhama-Espinosa

Intercultural Marriages: Promises and Pitfalls by Dugan Romano

Culture Shock Series : Successful Living Abroad A Wife’s Guide by Robin Pascoe

Culture Shock Series: Successful Living Abroad: A Parent’s Guide by Robin Pascoe

Gutsy Mamas : Travel Tips and Wisdom for Mothers on the Road by Marybeth Bond

Adventuring With Children : A Guide to World Travel and the Outdoors by Nan Jeffery

Have Kid, Will Travel : 101 Survival Strategies for Vacationing With Babies and Young Children by Claire Tristram, et al

Lonely Planet Travel With Children (Lonely Planet Travel Survival Kit) by Maureen Wheeler

Homeward Bound: A successful Guide to Repatriation by Robin Pascoe

The Art of Coming Home by Craig Storti

Strangers At Home: Essays on the Effects of Living Overseas and Coming “Home” to a Strange Land by Carolyn Smith

Art of Crossing Cultures by Craig Sorti Intercultural Press




K–12 Teach Overseas: The site includes free information on how to apply for overseas jobs, what to look for in a chosen country of destination, what to look for in a school contract, family considerations, links to other educational sites and links to information on countries where international schools are situated.

Working Internationally Now
The WIN Conference is a wonderful place for career-minded expatriate women to network. Check out the site for details.

The Canadian Guide to Living & Working Overseas
is now in its third edition. Indispensable book and site for students, recent grads, business managers and world travelers.

Overseas Job Express

Career Women

Career Mosaic International Gateway                                                  




Parenting Global Kids

Parenting a Third Culture Kid (article) 

Third Culture Mama

International Family Transitions

Raising TCKs – One Mother’s Journey

InCulture Parent: For parents raising global citizens

TCKid Now “The main social networking platform of TCKid that was birthed organically among a growing group of adult Third Culture Kids that were engaged in active dialogues by 2007 and grew into what became the following year. Countless dialogues that reflect stories of healing, growth, loss, unresolved grief, revelations, mutual discoveries, inspiration, change, personal journeys, the forging of friendships, the search for a sense of belonging and the home they found in TCKid. has played a large role in many individuals’ discovery of their TCK identity and therefore the first step in a journey of revelations and discoveries.”

Foreign Service Youth Federation: Private, nonprofit organization dedicated to providing information, advocacy and outreach activities for the internationally mobile youth. For US foreign service kids but useful info.

Traveling Internationally With Your Kids:  site created by Seoul-based Peter Van Buren offering real travel tips for real parents.

Interaction International: a resource to meet the needs of third culture kids and internationally mobile families.

Families in Global Transition: will keep you posted on North America’s premier annual conference for expatriate family challenges.