World Travel Blogs

Wanderlusters – Wanderlusters, by Charli Moore, is a vibrant adventure travel blog that shares her unique experiences that will take you off the beaten path. Charli is an adventure enthusiast who has been location independent since 2011 likes an adrenaline high.

Uncornered Market – Uncornered Market, by Daniel Noll and Audrey Scott At the end of 2006, they left their secure office jobs to travel the world. Over nine years and 90 countries later they are still going… and still married. It is a community, a movement of respectful travelers who live at the intersection of deeper travel experiences and caring for our planet and its people.

Going Awesome Places – Going Awesome Places, by Will Tang, is a travel blog that brings to life all those off the beaten path destinations. Will’s goal is to help you travel more luxurious, cheaper, and smarter.

Travels of Adam – Travels of Adam, by Adam Groffman, is a leading travel website – including a popular series of Hipster City Guides—from Bangkok to Berlin. Thematical covers everything from film festivals, art museums, LGBT culture and other topics.

Be My Travel Muse – Be My Travel Muse, by Kristin Addis, is for solo female travelers. Kristin is a former investment banker who sold all of her belongings , left California to travel solo over the world.

LandLopers – LandLopers, by Matt Long, focuses on experiential luxury travel…Matt has been to more than 70 countries and all 7 continents and he shares his adventures with thousands of readers every day.

P.S. I’m On My Way – P.S. I’m On My Way, by Trisha Velarmino, is all about things you may learn about life when you travel the world…

travelFREAK – travelFREAK, by Jeremy Scott Foster, is an acclaimed adventure travel blog focused on sharing stories and amazing photography from around the world and he talks about the ups and downs and crazy stuff that happens on the road.

Girl Tweets World – Girl Tweets World, by Jayne Gorman is a British expat in Sydney. She loves to write about stylish destinations, food (especially brunches) and flying, as well as share a little insight into what goes into running a blogging and social media business.

Packing My Suitcase – Packing my Suitcase, by Allane Milliane, is full of useful travel tips, varying from diving to traveling with a dog — Allane is a Brazilian who has lived in 5 countries and after falling in love with a German, moved to Munich where she currently lives.

The Blonde Abroad – The Blonde Abroad, an award-winning solo female travel & lifestyle blog, is the ultimate resource on everything female travel, solo travel and travel lifestyle. Kiersten Rich has travelled to over 50 countries and is able to share her life on the road as an independent woman.

Travel with Bender – Meet Erin Bender who has been on a nomadic journey since 2012 across 65 countries next to her husband and 2 young children. They left their home in Perth, Australia in 2012 and have been traveling the world nomadically ever since.. The Benders will help make your next family holiday fabulous with guides and expert travel tips.

Camels & Chocolate – Camels & Chocolate, by Kristin Luna, aims to share personal travel tales. Kristin has worked in the magazine world for more than a decade, contributing to such publications as Travel + Leisure, Afar, Newsweek, Forbes, PEOPLE, Glamour, Redbook, Real Simple and many others.

Ordinary Traveler – Ordinary Traveler follows the adventures of Christy Woodrow and her boyfriend Scott, two photographers who spend much of their lives in or near the ocean. Their focus is to provide trip ideas for people with limited vacation time..

Just One Way Ticket – Just One Way Ticket, by Sabrina Iovino, is a travel and lifestyle blog featuring fabtastic photos and videos from across the globe. Sabrina is a travel writer from Berlin, and has travelled to over 60 countries. Her favorite place is the Philippines.

Goats On The Road – This travel blog, by Dariece Swift and Nick Wharton, aims to show readers how to live a location independent lifestyle, and offer advice on making money on the road, and saving money while traveling.

Two Monkeys Travel Group – Kach and Jonathan Howe, want to show that it is possible to live a sustainable life of travel. By this they mean that is possible to keep traveling the world while being successful at the same time.

Jones Around The World – Jones Around The World, by Dave Anderson, a blog that will lose you for hours exploring the useful backpacking guides, travel itineraries, beautiful photo-essays, music festival bucket lists, travel hacking resources, and inspirational blog posts.

Don’t Forget To Move – Don’t Forget To Move, by Jules and Christine is a site for independent, adventurous travelers that love to get off the beaten track and experience real life wherever they are. They show how to have a great time while respecting the local culture and environment.

Flirting With The Globe – Flirting with the Globe, by Karisa Klee, caters to those travel obsessed souls who are limited to two, three or four weeks of annual vacation time.

The GypsyNester – The GypsyNester is the home of David & Veronica James.They share their quirky view of their adventures through storytelling, photography, and video that is as fun as it is engaging and informative. They’ve been full-time travelers since 2008.

The Travelling Light – The Traveling Light, by Katie McKnoulty, is a guide to traveling the world a little differently and skips the typical tourist sites altogether. The Travelling Light wants people to connect more deeply with the world they live in.

Nomadic Matt – Nomadic Matt, by Matthew Kepnes, is a great resource for people who want to travel on a budget.. Matthew wrote the New York Times best-seller, How to Travel the World on $50 a Day. His writings and advice have been featured in The New York Times, CNN, The Guardian UK, Lifehacker, Budget Travel, BBC, Time, Yahoo! Finance and countless other publications.

Mrs. O Around The World – Ana Silva O’Reilly is the Mrs. O behind award-winning luxury travel blog Mrs. O Around the World. Ana has been traveling in style since she was very young and offers a very honest opinion on all things luxury travel based on experience.

A Luxury Travel Blog – A Luxury Travel Blog, by Dr. Paul Johnson, is the leading blog when it comes to luxury travel. Paul was recently announced as the ‘Best Travel Influencer’ in the Innovation in Travel Awards from WIRED magazine.

Solo Traveler –  Janice Waugh began Solo Traveler in 2009. Solo Traveler is a community where people who share a passion for traveling alone exchange tips and suggestions. On the blog, Jenice publishes posts on the how and why of solo travel.

I am Aileen – Though it is only newly launched just last September 2014, has already built up an impressive following. At 21, Aileen Adalid quit her corporate job in the Philippines to travel the world and follow her dreams.

Travelling Buzz – Traveling Buzz, by Maria Stoyanova, is a travel blog about adventure and affordable travel in Europe. Maria is Bulgarian and she loves the outdoors. Loads of stuff covering Europe and a lot more info about the small, undiscovered Balkan gem that is Bulgaria.