Resources for Mission Workers

Member Care Radio. Podcasts and printed material related to the care of mission workers.

Oscar. Information, advice and resources about mission work overseas.

Mobile Member Care Team. Includes handouts on trauma and, under ‘Communiqué’, resources on crisis care, transition, cross-cultural workers, TCKs, couples, conflict resolution, and other topics. Primarily for missionaries but also relevant for others.

Syzygy. Resources, debriefing and practical help for mission personnel, especially those who ‘don’t fit into boxes’.

Global Member Care. Resources for mission workers worldwide.

Thrive. Empowering Global Women.

Member Care Associates. Supportive resources for workers and sending groups within the mission/humanitarian sectors. Look under ‘Organizational resources’ and then ‘Global member care resources list’ to search for member care resources in different parts of the world.

Global Connections. A website primarily for Christian organisations, this contains many papers relevant to overseas aid work, including a Code of best practice in short-term mission.

Barnabas International. Information about re-entry seminars for TCKs, debriefing, free retreats, and encouragement letters for missionaries, available in Spanish, Hindi, Russian and Ukrainian.

Missionary Care: Resources for mission and mental health. Offers free e-books, including What missionaries ought to know and Coming “home”: The re-entry transition, as well as books on TCKs and adolescence.

Member Care Europe. Resource to the European missions community – linking member care professionals with places, ministries and resources.