Identity Formation

Research papers and articles

Bilingualism and Cultural Identity Development: Case Studies for an Interactive Perspective by Charles Terry Marcrum 

Some Thoughts on Hybrid Identity 

Hybrid Identities, Silenced Lives

Growing up global nomads: hybrids or third culture?

Place and Identity

Cultural homelessness, multiminority status, ethnic identity development, and self esteem by Veronica Navarrete, Sharon Rae Jenkins

Belonging, identity and Third Culture Kids: Life histories of former international school students by Helen Fail, Jeff Thompson, George Walker

Coming “Home”: An Autoethnographic Exploration of Third Culture Kid Transition

The Transnational Child

A hybrid Australia, where identity has a multi-layered crunch

Global nomads in an international school: Families in transition

Adult Third Culture Kids: A Source of Global Talent?

Adult Third Culture Kids: Does Their Concept of Home have an Imact on Their Career Paths?