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Online magazines:

Third Culture Kids Life: “I started with The Illusive Home my attempt to explain what it means to be a Third Culture Kid. I tried, very hard, but as I progressed through the work I realized that as hard as I tried to explain what TCKs are, it’s simply one of those things in life that cannot be shared through simple direction. Being a TCK means so much more than words, it holds so much more weight than a metaphor, and it’s so much deeper than the definitions created by psychologists to describe it. It’s simply something you are, thanks to a lifetime of having culture after culture poured into your own and shaken all up until you’ve become something so supremely different that you can hardly recognize yourself.So here I am, taking the next step. My name is James R. Mitchener, and this is one life of a Third Culture Kid.”

The Culturist:  Here is a specific article just on TCKs.

Identity Politics, The Guardian

Denizen Magazine: ‘Denizen is an online magazine and community dedicated to people who grew up in multiple countries, international school alumni, or Third Culture Kids.’


Mixed Root Stories: ‘Supporting and advocating for diverse Mixed communities through the power of sharing stories. We seek to act as a liaison, creating space between storytellers across academic and non-academic communities, and international and national contexts.’

Third Culture Stories: For adults, kids, teens…’So, if you’ve wondered ‘Who you are’, ‘Where you’re from’, thought about how hard it is to leave and/or arrive or felt that it was all too confusing, then this is the web site for you!’

Becoming a Third Culture Kid: Blog maintained by an Adult TCK

Mental Symmetry

Interview with Nina Sichel, Author of “Writing Out of Limbo



Cross Cultural Kids: Run by Ruth E. Van Reken is a second generation adult TCK and mother of 3ATCKs. She speaks nationally and internationally on issues related to global family living. She is co-founder of Families in Global Transition. In addition to other writing, Ruth is co-author of Third Culture Kids: Growing Up Among Worlds.

Sea Change Mentoring: Sea Change Mentoring guides international teens and young adults  into happy and successful adults through the power of mentoring and our tailored curriculum.

TCK World 

TCK Expat Alien:  This link brings up several more links to books of relevance.

Expat Since Birth: a blog by a multilingual expat-since-birth, mum of three, living in the Netherlands and writing about plurilingualism, pluriculturalism, parenting abroad and international life

Brown Girl Magazine:  ‘Founded in 2008, Brown Girl Magazine, LLC is an online publication tailored and targeted to young South Asian women living in the Diaspora.We are a dedicated staff of more than 100 volunteer contributors striving to make Brown Girl an outlet where South Asian women can feel empowered, express ideas, share compelling stories and become pioneers in the community.At Brown Girl, you’ll find a variety of topics covering beauty and lifestyle, love and relationships, news, entertainment, religion, and culture. Through features, interviews, reviews, opinion pieces, we hope to create a community that helps young women see their strengths, develop self-confidence and learn more about being a South Asian woman.’

Third Culture Kids and Missionary Families:  A resource dealing mainly with topics relating to Third Culture Kids, though useful for everyone who lives abroad and goes back home.


Am I rootless or am I free? Ndela Faye

Being an adult after being a Third Culture Kid

When Third Culture Kids Grow Up

Snapshots of New York’s Third Culture Kids

Third Culture Kids: Some characteristics

Please don’t call my child a Third Culture Kid

Adult Third Kids and Non TCKs Relationships

The TCK article I wish I had read

Mental Health

My PTSD as a TCK : ‘ Peer support subsequent to trauma contributes to full recovery
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) — including complex trauma (cPTSD) — is debilitating, breaking down the body through anxiety and stress, and it poses a significant suicide risk in sufferers. MyPTSD seeks to help and inform those who are directly or indirectly affected by these conditions through peer-to-peer support and educational resources.’

Third Culture Kid Coaching: ‘TTC programs aim at assisting clients in reflecting on their own development, helping them to design an action plan.
In this way, you can be sure that decisions are logically aligned with your personal development while taking into an account the bigger picture.’

Explore Life Story: Moving Towards a Settled Self.

Quarter Life Centre:  Helping (Adult) Third Culture Kids find their place. Counselling for young professionals.

TCK Academy: Links to therapists and counsellors. ‘Are you looking for a mental health therapist who have an understanding or have lived an internationally mobile lifestyle? (Help from Third Culture Kids counselors, adult TCKs, expatriates, repatriated expatriates, and internationally mobile families.)’


Dating site for TCKs

Research Papers:

Adult Third Culture Kids: A Source of Global Talent?

Adult Third Culture Kids: Does Their Concept of Home have an Imact on Their Career Paths?