A Multilingual Life

The Yojik Website “This site is dedicated to language learners. You will find here the FSI, DLI and Peace-Corps courses. I wrote some tutorials to help learners to import vocabulary lists, to digitalize documents into modifiable content, to record lists of words/phrases. I rebuilt the defunt Shtooka website, so the content is not lost. A copy of the shtooka collections and programs is also kept here.The FSI part is (quite) finished, the Peace-Corps is on the way, other parts too. Don’t forget to report bad links. Thank you.”

Multilingual Children: “This is your web-guide to raising multilingual children. Welcome! Here we have an entire site dedicated to kids growing up with multiple languages — expert advice and real world wisdom, parent discussions, tips, resource directory, articles and more.So, if you too are raising a bilingual child, or are thinking about it, you’re at the right place! Join our free community with your questions, thoughts, tips and support.”

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