Resources for Aid Workers

5 mobile apps for humanitarian aid worker

Global Aid Worker:

Connecting humanitarian, relief and development workers around the world. Global aid worker offers humanitarian, relief and development workers a supportive, global community of peers and resources to help ease transitions into new locations, better equip aid workers for field realities, promote exchange on critical issues faced in the aid-working world, and provide a space for aid workers to bond through their unique but similar experiences around the globe.”

Global Professional Development Website:

global development professionals network is a space for NGOs, aid workers and development professionals to share knowledge and expertise

The Guardian’s “Secret Aid Worker”

exposing the myths and realities around aid work.

Development blogs:

Owen Abroad has a comprehensive list on his site.

A motley group of international aid bloggers, practitioners, and critics. Interested in impact, poverty, evidence, and throwing things off planes.

Blood and MilkAlannah Shaikh, blogger extraordinaire

Brett Keller

Can? We? Save? Africa?

Center for Global Development – List of must read blogs…

Chris Blattman 

Aid Thoughts

Africa is a Country 

Marc Bellemare 

Congo Siasa

Council for Foreign Relations Development Channel

Haba na Haba

How Matters


The Interpreter

Scarlett Lion 

Securing Rights

Staying for Tea

Texas in Africa 

This is Africa


Why Dev 

wronging rights 

Find What Works

Global Dashboard

Opalo’s blog

Open the Echo Chamber

Shotgun Shack

David Roodman

Roving Bandit

Development Impact

Development Policy Blog

Engaging Internationally

KM on a Dollar A Day 

From Poverty to Power


Development podcasts

The Center for Global Development Prosperity Wonkcast

Think Before You Give

BBC Africa Today

Peterson Perspectives

PRI: Global Health and Development

The World Bank Podcasts

Philanthropy This Week

PRI: The Changing World

Development Drums

Stuff Expat Aid Workers Like:

“The Stuff Expat Aid Workers Like blog is like having a beer with a jaundiced aid worker after a crap day. It’s all cynicism and self-loathing (and some ferocious cartoons), with the commitment (one hopes) taken for granted….” Duncan Green, Oxfam UK, From Poverty to Power Blog