International Counselling Services

International Therapist Directory

“The International Therapist Directory is an online listing of professional mental health therapists familiar with the Third Culture Kid and international expatriate experiences.

With over 200 members, in more than 40 different countries, this resource lists therapists, counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists interested in providing culturally sensitive cross-cultural treatment and care for today’s international expat community.

Expats looking for a local English-speaking therapist, a marriage/relationship counselor sensitive to cross-cultural dynamics, or a psychotherapist attuned to the nuances of a TCK upbringing will find in this site the most comprehensive directory of its kind.”

Here is an interview with the founder of the site, Josh Sandoz, a Seattle-based therapist.

Expat Counselling and Coaching Online

“Expat Counseling and Coaching is a one-of-its-kind concept bringing counseling, psychotherapy and coaching to the English speaking international community worldwide. We are committed to helping our clients find solutions to the unique challenges faced by global citizens. We offer completely confidential individual counseling and psychotherapy, marriage counseling, and a variety of coaching packages.We use Skype video conferencing which enables us to reach across borders to our clients.”

International Counselling Services

“Established in 1979, ICS is a multidisciplinary professional association, composed of mental health practitioners, including clinical and counseling psychologists, social workers and psychotherapists, offering services to the international and English-speaking community in Paris. Members of ICS are specialists in expatriate issues and in global living challenges. Referrals for counseling are provided to individuals, including children, adolescents and adults, as well as to couples, families and groups. Our goal is to facilitate access for English speakers to appropriate and high quality mental health and counseling services in the Paris region.”