Books on Relocation and Cultural Adjustment

Up, Up and Away! by Brenda Maxwell

This is a guide for children and their parents moving from one culture to another and it’s a great workbook for young children trying to understanding their moves.

Let’s Move Together by Carol M. Schubeck

A professional counselor. Written for children ages 4-11 Tom Turtle walks children through the feelings, thoughts, and action involved with moving to a new home.

By Beverly D. Roman – All available at

Home Away From Home; Turning Your International Relocation Into a Lifetime Enhancement

Let’s Make A Move; A Creative Visulation Book For Children

Let’s Move Overseas; International Edition of Let’s Make a Move

Footsteps Around the World; Relocations Tips for Teens

Relocation 101: Making the Most of Your Move

The Third Culture Kid Experience: Growing Up Among Worlds  by David C. Pollock and Ruth E. Van Reken

Raising Multi-Lingual Children, By Tracey Tokuhama-Espinosa

Intercultural Marriages: Promises and Pitfalls by Dugan Romano

Culture Shock Series : Successful Living Abroad A Wife’s Guide by Robin Pascoe

Culture Shock Series: Successful Living Abroad: A Parent’s Guide by Robin Pascoe

Gutsy Mamas : Travel Tips and Wisdom for Mothers on the Road by Marybeth Bond

Adventuring With Children : A Guide to World Travel and the Outdoors by Nan Jeffery

Have Kid, Will Travel : 101 Survival Strategies for Vacationing With Babies and Young Children by Claire Tristram, et al

Lonely Planet Travel With Children (Lonely Planet Travel Survival Kit) by Maureen Wheeler

Homeward Bound: A successful Guide to Repatriation by Robin Pascoe

The Art of Coming Home by Craig Storti

Strangers At Home: Essays on the Effects of Living Overseas and Coming “Home” to a Strange Land by Carolyn Smith

Art of Crossing Cultures by Craig Sorti Intercultural Press




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