General Resource Sites for Expats

IHT Rendezvous: Large selection on articles on life as an Expat on a variety of topics.

Wall Street Journal Expat Pages

Expat Interviews: over 600 interviews.

Expat Research:

‘We are expat research, a team of academics and research consultants with a big passion for data. We work with expatriates to conduct mobility studies, and with companies to turn their insights into cutting edge thought leadership. We offer: up-to-date and credible research findings across a range of expat “hot topics” from a wide variety of reputable academic & industry sources opportunities to participate in mobility projects & studies
regularly updated links to journal articles, reports, books, surveys, white papers, reading lists, case studies, websites & videos information about global mobility “special issues,” events & conferences’

The Local Expat: Based in the Hague

Expat Expert

Expat Expert is designed to inform, advise, and offer online friendship to relocating expatriate spouses & families by  author Robin Pascoe.

Net Expat

NetExpat was created 15 years ago to be the instrumental partner of international corporations in easing international mobility by addressing the assessment, training and coaching needs of their global employees.

Black Expat

I was an Expat Wife: Reflections on an expat life

Expat Alien: 


A site focusing on relocation issues and adjustment issues.

Expat Bookshop

The Culture-ist:  Travel. Do good. Live well.

The Black Expat 

‘The Black Expat is a much needed voice on issues related to global mobility and black identity. We highlight the rich, international experiences of the Black Diaspora with firsthand accounts, personal narratives and key advice about cross cultural living’

Iagora International

Website especially for expats from all around the world. Offers information and features country-specific discussion groups.

Living Abroad Resource Centre

Registration required. Also international students information.

Expat Forum

Good country-specific discussion groups.


Discussion groups, classifieds, articles, links.

Escape Artist

Gateway site to a multitude of links on real estate, offshore investment, relocation and more.

Expat Exchange

A pioneer expatriate community with experts and chat groups.

Transition Dynamics

This is the web site of global nomad guru Bobbie Schaetti. Plenty of information and articles not only on global nomad identity, cultural adaptation, but much to read about re-entry as well.

My Life as an Expat (article)