Parenting Global Kids

Parenting a Third Culture Kid (article) 

Third Culture Mama

International Family Transitions

Raising TCKs – One Mother’s Journey

InCulture Parent: For parents raising global citizens

TCKid Now “The main social networking platform of TCKid that was birthed organically among a growing group of adult Third Culture Kids that were engaged in active dialogues by 2007 and grew into what became the following year. Countless dialogues that reflect stories of healing, growth, loss, unresolved grief, revelations, mutual discoveries, inspiration, change, personal journeys, the forging of friendships, the search for a sense of belonging and the home they found in TCKid. has played a large role in many individuals’ discovery of their TCK identity and therefore the first step in a journey of revelations and discoveries.”

Foreign Service Youth Federation: Private, nonprofit organization dedicated to providing information, advocacy and outreach activities for the internationally mobile youth. For US foreign service kids but useful info.

Traveling Internationally With Your Kids:  site created by Seoul-based Peter Van Buren offering real travel tips for real parents.

Interaction International: a resource to meet the needs of third culture kids and internationally mobile families.

Families in Global Transition: will keep you posted on North America’s premier annual conference for expatriate family challenges.


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