Nationality Specific Resources

Germans Going Global 

An online service for German speaking expatriates. Focusing on information, networking and individual counselling, it supports expat families during all stages of an international assignment.

British Expat

The free lifestyle magazine for Brits and British expats. Friendly online community, information, fun, expert advice, travel, and loads of original content.


American Foreign Service Families

This is known as the Lifelines site for American State department families but worth a look for its content and links.

Federation of American Women’s Clubs Overseas

If you are looking for an American women’s club in your overseas post take a look at this site. Many American women’s clubs offer associate memberships to women from other nations.

Australians Abroad


Web site for French expatriates.

The Irish Abroad Website  

Site contains information on sports, news, events, bars, businesses, emigration, genealogy etc.

Organisation for Swiss people abroad

For Swiss people leaving Switzerland temporary or permanently. Information on terms of social security and insurance.


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